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If you are experiencing errors or difficulties with the Compass system,
please contact CoBro Consulting IT Support so we can assist you.

Submit your questions and errors directly to,
or contact us by phone toll-free at 888-977-7665.

In order to expedite your service, please provide the following information when emailing the IT support team:

  • Your contact information. Please provide your name, program name, phone number where we can reach you, and the user name of the person experiencing the error.
  • screenshot, or multiple screenshots of your error. You can use the print screen button on your keyboard, or there are a variety of online software options you can download to take a screen shot. We suggest Awesome Screenshot. Awesome Screenshot can be downloaded at .
  • A detailed description of the scenario in which you experienced the error. For example, the person who is logged in, the filters selected, specific entries, dates, etc.¬†This information will assist us in trying to re-create the error so we can resolve it.¬†
  • The internet browser and version you are using. For example, Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome Version 39.
  • Any additional information. Please provide additional information that may assist us in targeting and resolving the issue.
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